Experience HOTHEADS with a twist!

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Hotheads Scorching Heat Twists

JANESVILLE, WISCONSIN – WARHEADS, makers of the iconic Extreme Sour Hard Candy products, is heating up the candy aisle with their newest innovation: HOTHEADS Scorching Heat Twists. This delectable new product creates a flavor maze of texture and taste.

HOTHEADS Scorching Heat Twists are bite sized licorice pieces with a filled center that will shock your senses. Take your taste buds on a tantalizing flavor ride that includes the WARHEADS mouth puckering sour, a sweet relief of fruit flavors, and a fiery heat sensation grand finale. This flavor rush and filled chewy texture simply must be experienced!

HOTHEADS Scorching Heat Twists are available in three fruity yet fiery flavors: Molten Mango, Piping Hot Pineapple, and Atomic Green Apple.

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